Sep. 20, 2018

Black Magic M66 Movie In Tamil Dubbed Download

Black Magic M-66 Movie In Tamil Dubbed Download >>> DOWNLOAD

A freelance reporter discovers that two killer androids are running loose and have a little girl for a kill target.

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original title: Black Magic M-66

genge: Animation,Action,Sci-Fi,Thriller

imdb: 6.4

duration: 48min

keywords: reporter, army, android, youngwoman, soldier, scientist, murder, magiccircle, machine, japan, basedonmanga, basedoncomic, robot, anime, chase, numberintitle




















































A freelance reporter discovers that two killer androids are running loose and have a little girl for a kill target. A freelance reporter stumbles on a desperate military operation. An army chopper has crashed and its cargo has been activated. Now there are two killer androids running loose in the wilderness and have the daughter of their inventor as their target. Can the army stop them or can the reporter reach the little girl before the droids do? This is a real gem, 50 minutes of pure joy and brain-massage, ahhhh.

In a nutshell, it's Terminator gone animated, with a cutesy cast and some great fights with the killer robots - keep your overblown plots and twists which don't make sense, this is what entertainment is all about. Military VS murder machines, what a result! If nothing else, watch this once for those few scenes - some of the best sci-fi combat I've seen on any medium.

Although it's a only a short-film, there's nothing to really go wrong and the pace is so fast that you're too busy enjoying the ride to get nitpicky.

If you like sci-fi anime, Masamune Shirow or wearing a smile then this is headed for your DVD collection. Black Magic M-66 is an anime based on Masamune Shirows manga of the same name, or to be more precise on the chapter Booby Trap. It was also Shirows first and last time he took a seat in the director's chair, there being so many problems behind the scenes that he refused to have anything to do with the future of the franchise. Luckily he met Mamoru Oshi and the rest is history.

The anime is clearly influenced by James Camerons the Terminator and Aliens. The story is about an seemingly indestructible cyborg on the hunt for some hapless victim. It is a fast paced, short and action packed anime that manages to hold your breath for its complete run of 50 minutes.

The animation is similar to that of Appleseed the ova which was released the following year and which was also based on a Shirow manga. The animation clearly makes it a product of its time, the late eighties early nineties, and are perhaps a notch or two better than that of Appleseed. Nevertheless if you like cyberpunk anime like Appleseed or the first Terminator movie you should give this one a try.

Notice that there are many first in the crew, like Hiroki Hayashi (Bubble Gum Crisis 2040) and Hiroyuki Okiura (Jin-Roh).


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